Funny tweets/quotes about school

Before that , i retweet some funny quotes or tweets on my twitter~ But i dont want to spam in order to keep my followers.. :/ LOL..

So here am i posting whole~!! 😀

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  • Kinda lazy to know that tomorrow is Monday. We’re back to damn routine again.
  • #StudentsFact Always sleep late at night when the next day is holiday.
  • Asking whether we love exam or not is like asking,”Do you want me to slap your face?”
  • Dear school, and I’m starting to see. Maybe we’re not meant to be. Please accept that!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Schools are mental disease. Get well soon!
  • The paper may crumble, the ink may fade, but never do the memories of the friends I have made. ~ unknown
  • Dear teacher, please just act normally during the exam. Put yourself in our place, have you once been a student?
  • Some people, cheat because they don’t study. Others, cheat because they are confused. The rest, they don’t believe in themselves!
  • Great achievement = proving nerds that they’re wrong!
  • 80% of my mind is full of things that don’t relate with school.
  • It is so unfair that school-days are longer than holiday!
  • Dear teacher, please don’t keep staring at me or stand besides me during the exam. I couldn’t cheat at all.
  • I’m not lazy, I’m just not in the mood to study.
  • I wish that my memory keeps my lessons & studying like it keeps lyrics & movie scripts. (via Tumblr)
  • Alarm clock is a device that will wake you up just to ask you to sleep again.
  • Teachers may come late to class but we may not. It’s so UNFAIR!
  • Dear teachers, can you please stop comparing our class with the others? We do hate it!
  • Cheating is not a hobby, it’s a habbit. It is not an attitude, it’s a nature. It is not an objection, it’s coopeartion.
  • When you step into your class with a new look, i bet everybody will staring at you ..
  • We don’t care about having either homework that should be submitted or exam on the next day. We always have time for Twitter.
  • 2 things that we might do while we’re doing homework at night: 1). Complaining while doing it or 2). Doing it and keep complaining.
  • I think screaming is the primary form of communication for school-girls. They scream when they are happy, scared, excited and mad..
  • I’m starving! No, not that food-starving, but holiday-starving. I bet you feel as the same as I do.
  • The noisy class that is caused by the students when the teacher isn’t in the class.
  • That mini heart attack that you get when you can’t feel your cellphone in your pocket at school.
  • If school means listening to music, free internet, game centre, karaoke, i’d never absent from school ..
  • Less paper means Saving the trees .. Less homework means Saving us !!!
  • Sometimes, clever isn’t important as long as we understand what’s goin’ on
  • I love school, but just not the learning part that is taught by strict teachers.
  • Dear teacher, every students have different level of understanding. So, don’t get angry if I couldn’t understand what you’ve explained.
  • That awkward moment when your teacher tells you to submit your homework and you don’t even know there’s any homework.
  • “Miss, how to solve this Math problem?” “Do by yourself. Don’t ask me.” Seriously? How can I do if you don’t explain to me? -_-
  • I hate those teachers who explain something to us with complicating ways.
  • When I get my report book, the only thing in my mind is tell my parents or not.
  • People always advise me not to force myself to read books that I hate. So I said, I never force myself to read school books.
  • Teachers, every problem happens with a reason, so does the reason of why we cheat during the exam.
  • #Fact It’s hard to wake up in the morning during the school days.
  • Before the class started, nerds grab a book and read it .. But we grab a cellphone and text with it .. :p
  • The awkward moment when you are the only who didn’t do homework.
  • school is just about 6 things: Evil teachers, detentions, homeworks, recess, exercise, and not to be missed, Examination ..
  • Just make some lame excuses if you forgot to do your homework .. teacher will stop asking and let you go to your seat .. or detention ?
  • Dear principle, I find it is not cool. You give us only a few minutes break time but such a long time for studying.
  • We worship you Holidays. Love, Me and 99% of the world ..
  • People need to be more educated by making tYp3 LyK tHi5 trending topic for 3 days straight ..
  • I would rather die than have to repeated high school over and over again ..
  • I’m pretty sure that our teachers was used to be nerds when they’re on our age .. Wearing super thick glasses and their hair is always neat.
  • Sometimes I’m laying on my bed and daydream about doing something evil to my teacher ..
  • In India, 18 years old teenage could married with a boy or girl they choose, but here, 18 years old teenager must married with their books .
  • You could remember all song lyrics from your fav singer, but i bet you can’t remember a thing about what the teacher just said to you ..
  • Ok mom, I understand if you force me to do my homeworks, cuz I know that grandmother did the same thing to you when you was on my age ..
  • Without weekend, I probably laying on a hospital with a school-mad disease right now ..
  • Sometimes I wanna pull the fire alarm, so that the school will end sooner and I could escape from this hell ..
  • Teacher: Where’s your homework ?! Me: Oh, The wind blew it away when i’m busy tweeting in front of my computer..
  • Spongebob is happy when he goes to school, I bet no one could do this in reality.
  • Math may not teach us to inhale oxygen & exhale carbon dioxide or love a friend. But it gives us a hope that every problem has a solution.
  • When you start to study for several minutes and your eyes get all watery because of yawning.
  • ‘Back to school’ is a saying that shouldn’t be said not only before the season begins but every sunday.
  • Though I had enough sleep, I would feel sleepy right after I read my textbooks
  • When I’m bored during the class, I pick up a random book to cover my cellphone from my teacher.
  • I’m afraid and too lazy to ask teacher when I don’t understand something. I’d prefer ask to my friend.
  • Sometimes, I wish to get the highest score by not studying.
  • Dear brain, I wish you could be smarter.
  • I always go on Twitter, everytime and everywhere.
  • Yeah I love when my exam is multiple choice.
  • I love when i woke up at night, looked at the clock and realized that I still have much time to sleep longer.
  • Having battery low is a nightmare for us when we are still at school.
  • Don’t you just love it when you think you’ve a lot of HW and you find it out you’ve done all of them?
  • News flash. Google and wikipedia have been nominated as the best teachers of the year.
  • I always write the wrong year when I go back to school after a new year holiday
  • I love how the badass students make a joke about the teachers.
  • Algebra : number + alphabets. Chemistry : the study of meaningless numbers and letters through complex equations. No difference, huh?
  • Math is the worst. How come you + me = 69?
  • I love homework. It fascinates me. I can sit for hours & just stare at it.
  • Common lies at the class: “Yeah, I understand” and “I don’t have any question to be asked”
  • Saying about to study but still get online for another 2 hours. 😀
  • I gave 11 roses to all of my teachers. The last one was fake, then I said, “I’ll do my homework if the last one died.”
  • Hello bed, I miss you so much after having a tiring day. Take me back? ;D
  • My alarm keeps ringing but I still sleeping. Maybe I need Spongebob’s alarm to wake me up every morning…
  • When students said,”I don’t know” , sometimes it means,”I know the answer but I’m just too tired to think.”
  • Sometimes when I see my report card with full of bad scores, I wish I could go to the past and study harder.
  • I hate it when my teacher threatened me by saying that she is going to call my parents. -_-
  • Twitter is my full-time job, while homework is just my part-time job.
  • School , a place where I’m spending a quarter of my life just to sit down and do homework.
  • Goodbye to lazy days and endless nights, messed-up hair, cute guys and sun-tanned skin. Holiday is about to end and school’s about to begin.
  • Cheating in exams is the best exercise for your reflexes. Your eyes are rolling, your neck is stretched, & your heart beats faster.
  • I don’t get why every teacher assumes that we have nothing else to do except study for that teacher’s course.
  • We all love when we wish our teacher doesn’t come and our wish comes true.
  • I study, I take the exam, I pass, I forget what I’ve learned. End of story.
  • Try to stay awake at school is one of the hardest things on earth.
  • The question from the exam was easy until I read “explain why”.
  • Me: May I go to the restroom? Teacher: Ok, you may go. Me: *walk around the school*
  • Yeah sometimes we all keep snoozing the alarm every 5 minutes until we realise that we’re going to school late.
  • I hate those teachers who don’t let me go to the restroom during the class .__.
  • Math and women are just the same. They are hardly to be understand. But at least, Math still can be understood by logic. (For you, GUYS!)
  • Math and men are just the same. They are hardly to be understand. But at least, Math still can be understood by logic. (Add by me) For you, GALS to use~ 😀 HAHA
  • [H]alf [o]f [m]y [e]nergy [w]asted [o]n [r]andom [k]rap
  • FIRE ALARM. Elementary School: OMG WHAT SHOULD WE DO?! High School: I hope the school will get burn.
  • I never get enough sleep when I should go to school. That’s why I always fall asleep during the lesson.
  • Still writing previous year in an exam or book after new year
  • (M)onster (A)t (T)he sc(H)ool
  • I hate the moment when my friends fight. Sometimes I’m forced to choose sides even when I don’t want to.
  • During an exam, anything becomes more interesting than reading and writing, even staring at walls…
  • Dear parents, you don’t need to tell us to sleep earlier for school. Because no matter how many hours we sleep, we’ll always feel sleepy.
  • Okay, I need to do my homework now…. Oh, a new mention on twitter!
  • We’ll never run out of Math teachers, because they always multiply.
  • A: Wow. I love doing Math homework! B: Aren’t that just amazing? You love Math! What day is today? A: April Fool.
  • No teachers. I’m not as stupid as you think. I’m genius, but I just don’t want to show it off. 😉
  • Holiday is only fun when it has just started~
  • I’m sure that there will be some students who won’t be present on the first day of school.
  • Bye malls, theme parks, and fun. Hi nightmare, homework and exam 😦
  • Holiday is over and nightmare is gonna begin soon.
  • Things that we’re waiting for during the class: the absence of the teacher, school bell and the break time.
  • #thingsthatmakemesmh when my school starts earlier than the others.
  • #thingsthatmakemesmh teachers gimme a lot of homework on the first day of school -__-
  • *first day of school* Teacher: Okay class, your homework is from page … to … Students: What?! Homework on the first day of school?
  • Going to school is easy, but being a student is definitely hard!
  • Dear teachers and parents, please don’t compare me with those who are smarter than me. It really makes me feel bad.
  • Slowly but sure, tests and assignments are gonna rape me again.
  • We love Monday when it is holiday and we gonna hate it when it is a school-day.
  • I’m not ready for my school tomorrow ._.
  • Tomorrow is the day I go back to school. Time really goes so fast 😦
  • when your teacher asked you to compose “how did you spent your vacation?” and what you did is having a relationship with TWITTER .
  • I memorize lyrics faster than my school lesson. :]
  • Or just the whole class. RT @SchoolThings_: Dear teachers, no matter how strict you are, there is always a student who won’t obey you.
  • Dear teachers, no matter how strict you are, there is always a student who won’t obey you.
  • I’ve that friend who has extremely dirty-minded.
  • Although sometimes we write shit during the exam, we still hope to pass the exam.
  • It is easier to fall asleep at school than at home.
  • Teacher: WHY YOU DIDN’T DO YOUR HOMEWORK ? Me: I wrote it with invisible ink. 😀
  • The awkward moment when today is the last day of your holiday and you realise you’ve a ton of unfinished homework.
  • I hate it when my substitute teacher is meaner than my teacher.
  • Exam & homework should have “I don’t give a fuck” button, and holiday should have a “like” button.
  • I wish Google is our teacher and Twitter is our homework.
  • #Fact: My handwriting results the best when I write on the first page of a new book and finally getting worse.
  • #StudentsFact Eating while the teacher’s writing and hold up the chewing when she turns to me.
  • I could go on Internet for hours and still feel the time goes so fast. How about studying for an hour? The time goes so slow!
  • “Have you finished your homework?” “Yes, but I think there are a few mistakes” “I don’t care” *take away friend’s homework & start copying*
  • Homework for holiday is useless. I’m not interested on doing it.
  • When a teacher asks for HW, angrily exclaim that you’re a member of Greenpeace, and the mass slaughter of innocent trees is unacceptable.
  • When the teacher turns her attention & calls you to answer the question, act as if you’re an undercover agent & refuse to give information.
  • One of the teachers’ ability is they are able to talk for a long time without being tired or thirsty.
  • Prank idea on the class: Superglue a coin to the ground and watch people who try to pick it up. They look like stupid people ;D
  • Planning to do homework and study at night but you finally end up on Twitter.
  • When the teacher turns their back to the class, scream and bang desks, then when they turn around act normal and get on with your work. 😉
  • Bored in the class? Bring some books to class and read them instead of paying attention or doing any work. 😉
  • #SchoolPranks When the teacher calls roll, after each name scream “THAT’S MEEEEE!!! Oh, no, sorry.”
  • #SchoolPranks The Mystery: Leave notes to the teachers and hints that ‘Tuesday’s the day’ (or anything sounds mysterious enough)
  • #Fact Spending an hour on Internet goes by so quickly but an hour at school lasts forever.
  • No matter how much homework we get, we always have time for Twitter 😉
  • Synonym for homework = Hell.
  • Sometimes I wish that the teacher will be absent when I’m going to have exam at that time.

The End~ 😀

Hope you had fun, LOL-ing while reading~ 😀


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